Medium Roast vs Dark Roast Coffee - What’s the difference?

Medium vs Dark Roast Coffee

For most of us, the word "coffee" is appealing. As our preferred coffee is being brewed, the fragrant sensation starts. As coffee lovers, we can assume that most of us are picky about the amount of caffeine, the kind of roast the beans have through, the flavor notes, and various other factors.

We know that various coffee roasts, such as light, medium, and dark, appeal to multiple tastes. You might not know that if you only drink one roast of coffee, you might be missing out on a whole universe of flavours. Brewing the ideal cup of coffee makes logical, but you're ignoring one of the critical factors that affect taste: the roasting procedure.

The coffee bean's aromas and flavours are enhanced during roasting, and to some extent, the roasting process affects the coffee's true flavour and caffeine content.

The distinction between coffee roasts is one of the queries we are asked most frequently. Everyone has a preferred roast level, and we're here to explain how each of them differs from one another. The term "roast levels" refers to the time and intensity of the roasting process for the coffee beans. Light, Medium, and Dark are the most typical adjectives characterizing various coffee roasting levels.

We shall swiftly look at medium and dark roast coffee in this article. However, you should be aware of the differences between light and heavy roast coffee to appreciate your cup's brews fully.

Coffees with a light roast are distinguished by their pale brown colour, lack of bean oil, and light viscosity. The temperature of these beans is allowed to rise to between 350° and 410°. At about 350 degrees, beans usually explode during roasting. The "first crack" is a popping sound that signals that the beans have reached the light roast stage. The idea that light roasts don't contain as much caffeine as their darker, heavier counterparts is a widespread one. The reverse, though, is true! The caffeine in beans slowly cooks out when they roast. As a result, more caffeine from the initial green coffee bean is retained in lightly roasted beans since they burn more quickly and at a lower temperature.

Now to understand more about the differences, let's dive into our cup of discussion on medium vs. dark roast coffee!

What is Medium roast coffee?

Dark Roast vs Medium Roast vs Light Roast

Coffees with a medium roast are darker in colour and have a slightly fuller body. In contrast to Light, Medium begins to taste more like the roasting process and loses some of the light flowery notes that are distinctive of a Light Roast. Instead, they have a far more well-rounded flavour and contain only a moderate level of caffeine. A Medium is typically roasted from around 410° to 440° till just before the second crack. A Medium is also known as an American Roast, Breakfast Roast, or City Roast by other roasters.

Medium roast coffee may be the ideal compromise between body, flavour, and health advantages. The potent antioxidant chlorogenic acid (CGA), which gives coffee health advantages, is also present in medium-roast coffee. CGA has benefits for reducing inflammation, lowering cholesterol, and enhancing skin.

What is Dark roast coffee?

Due to its high caffeine level and robust flavour, dark roast coffee is a popular morning beverage. Dark roast coffee beans, in contrast to other varieties, have undergone a longer roasting process, producing a darker cup of java. Dark roast coffees are less sour and bitter than light roast coffees because of this, which also tempers sharp flavours while lowering caffeine levels.

Compared to light-roasted beans, dark-roast coffee beans are roasted at a greater temperature for longer. Beans must be roasted to a temperature greater than 430 degrees (but not much higher than 440 degrees), which is the conclusion of the second crack, to be classified as dark. This technique causes the beans to lose more moisture, which makes the coffee less thick.
Dark roast coffees are distinguished by their powerful, whole bodies and dark brown, nearly black, oil that coats the top. Since the coffee's nation-of-origin flavours have been nearly eliminated by roasting, dark roast coffee often has a strong, smokey flavour.

Dark roast coffee flavours are not only delicious but also loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that have a wealth of health advantages. For instance, did you know that dark roast coffee contains riboflavin, a vital element for the development and growth of your cells?

This vitamin enables your body to convert amino acids into usable forms and aids in blood maintenance. Dark roast coffee has several advantages outside just an energy boost. Additionally, it is an excellent source of pantothenic acid, or vitamin B5, which aids the body's ability to turn food into usable energy.

Medium Roast Vs. Dark roast - What's the difference?

Coffee beans must be roasted to a temperature of more than 440 degrees to produce dark-roasted coffee. They will taste increasingly more like charcoal if they are roasted at temperatures higher than 465 degrees, whereas Medium roast coffee is typically roasted from around 410° to 440° till just before the second crack.

The flavour of both roasts

A dark roast is roasted for a more extended period than a medium roast, which is the primary distinction between the two. The additional roasting time results in bolder tasting and less acidic coffee. However, much of the distinctive flavour and character of the in-question coffee beans are also lost during further roasting.

You'll be able to taste the unique qualities of the particular variety of coffee beans used to brew your coffee more clearly with a medium roast. Much of the flavour in the dark roast is standardized during the roasting process.

Beans can produce rich, sweet flavours with the correct dark roast. The body and texture of dark roasts are frequently strong and rich. Because dark-roasted beans are oilier, they may have a bittersweet or toasted flavour and a rich chocolate flavour.

The mellow flavour profile and well-balanced body of medium roast coffees make them popular choices. They are less rich than a dark roast but less acidic and fruity than a light roast. Medium coffees are frequently described as having a sweet, chocolaty, mellow, and smooth flavour.

Caffeine kick!

Some coffee consumers claim that black roasts are more potent and have a higher caffeine content than light roasts. In actuality, though, the amount of caffeine stays constant mainly during the whole roasting process. The flavour, not the amount of caffeine, distinguishes different roasts.


Between medium and dark roast, there are a lot of distinctions. However, many prefer drinking both varieties of coffee every day since they each have a distinctive flavour. While medium dark-roasted beans preserve the distinctive flavours of their regions or varietals, darker roasts tend to be stronger and lower in acidity.

Although the dark and medium roasting processes eliminate distinct flavours from the beans, many prefer the darker and stronger roasts because they taste better. Dark coffee roasts typically take 15 minutes, while medium roasts take 20 minutes.

So try a dark roast if you want a coffee with a deeper, more balanced flavour, or a medium roast if you want something with less acidity!

Everyone on Earth deserves the ideal roast for every situation. Whether it's a strong cup of Dark Sky to help you stay up late or a smooth Medium Roast like Stargazer when spending a night under the stars, a strong roast can help you Rock into your day. We want you to experience a singularly delightful and smooth flavour that is simply out of this world.

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Have a moment with yourself! Have your cup of coffee!
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